Trisana Nutrition Brewer’s Yeast

Trisana Nutrition Brewer’s Yeast

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TriSana Nutrition Brewer's Yeast is a gut health fundamental for your horse. It supports many facets of gut health. By boosting the microbiome in your horses gut, which is the starting point to gut health, it increases digestive health all the way through. It helps increase digestive ability, allowing your horse to get more of the nutrients from their food.


Brewer's Yeast reaches the hind gut, and increases hind gut fermentation capabilities. Research is showing that brewer's yeast directly feeds the bacteria in the hind gut that is responsible for fiber digestion. This is important for not only preventing hind gut acidosis, but also for providing energy to older horses, or those with compromised digestive systems, which may not be able to break down fiber as efficiently.


Brewer's Yeast is also a great source of B vitamins - which play many important roles in the body including red blood cell and nervous system function, hormone regulation, immune response, and gene activation. Antibiotics often destroy the B vitamins in your horse's body, resulting in diarrhea, so it is a great supplement to provide after a treatment. B vitamins have been shown to reduce stress and calm nerves in those horses with over-excitable temperaments. It is also a rich source of protein and minerals.


TriSana Nutrition Brewer's Yeast also acts a natural repellent for ticks and fleas. 


TriSana Nutrition Brewer's Yeast is rich in anti-oxidants, boosting your horse's skin health and hydration, providing a shinier coat. If your horse suffers from itchy skin or sweet itch, the addition of TriSana Nutrition Brewer's Yeast may be beneficial.


Brewer's Yeast has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and boost blood sugar control in insulin resistance or metabolic disorder cases, due to being naturally rich in glucose tolerance factor. 


Additionally, TriSana Nutrition Brewer's Yeast may encourage your horse to maintain consistent feed intakes by increasing palatability.


Scientifically proven to:

  • Support nutrient digestibility
  • Support a healthy digestive tract
  • Support healthy hind gut digestion
  • Support a healthy airway


TriSana Nutrition Brewer's Yeast is recommended for horses needing a probiotic boost, horses with sensitive digestive tracts, horses prone to stress-induced diarrhea, and those prone to hind-gut issues or ulceration. It is a great supplement to follow up anti-biotic treatment with, as well as for ill thrift horses that often turn away feed or need a nutrient boost. 


Veterinary Health Product Number: NN.H7A9