Trisana Kelp
Trisana Kelp

Trisana Kelp

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TriSana Nutrition Kelp supports the thyroid with its iodine content, regulating metabolism to help maintain a healthy weight. When there is a deficiency of this important element, hypothyroidism or abnormal thyroid activity can occur. It is excellent support for this gland.

Does your horse have itchy skin, hives, or allergies? Kelp also helps your horse keep skin allergies to a minimum, as it reduces inflammation and itching.

Horse populations by the ocean have often been seen wading out to naturally obtain this sea plant themselves for its plethora of benefits.

TriSana Nutrition Kelp is a great natural supplement to add into every horse's rotation. Since it is a whole food, it provides a versatile list of benefits for every horse, every age, and every discipline. It is recommended for horses that just seem to be 'missing something' or need a bit of a boost!

Veterinary Health Product Number NN.A6Z0