Anatomeq CoolSupport Combi Wraps

Anatomeq CoolSupport Combi Wraps

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CoolSupport Combi Polo Wraps

Innovative fabric technology and unprecedented design create the ultimate combi polo wrap.

  • Comprised of two fabrics for dual benefit.
  • Cushioning 3D spacer fabric is soft against sensitive legs and dissipates pressure points for a consistent, supportive fit.
  • Air channel elastic maximizes air flow and delivers gentle tendon support. 
  • Moisture-wicking, quick drying and very breathable.
  • Dirt and hair repellent, easy care.
  • Strong hook and loop closure. Guaranteed to stay in place.
  • Perfect length for both front and back legs.

Care Instructions: 
Secure velcro and place polos in wash bag for best results. Machine wash in cold water. Avoid bleach and fabric softener. Remove polos from wash bag and hang to dry.